Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So here is a link to the commercial/ad that I chose, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woOu_4l3lio

The commercial is advertising Michael Jordan's clothing line, and not surprisingly is narrated by Michael. The commercial goes through a series of important aspects of Michael's career: an old YMCA, a weight room, his uniforms, is accolades, diagrams, his high school gym, as so on. In the end of the commercial, there is a transition to a group of kids (likely at a basketball camp/clinic) who are being lectured by Michael. The dialogue throughout mostly deals with him saying, in a nutshell, that he is where he is because of hard work. The message he is trying to send (besides "buy my ridiculously overpriced clothes") is that you should work hard, no excuses.

I would say that this commercial falls under the category of "need to achieve". It is very motivational, and praises hard work, but proposes that Michael's apparel may help you get where you want to be. There is no doubt that this commercial would be ignored if any ordinary Joe were promoting the clothing line. Like Murray said, people have a desire "to accomplish something difficult. To overcome obstacles and attain a high standard." Seeing this commercial motivates people (most likely athletes) to work hard, but hopes that in the process they might pick up a 150$ pair of shoes, or a 40$ pair of Jordan shorts on the way. 

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